Day 108 #Project365

108-365 bub and mika

It’s been raining the whole day. We stayed in all morning, that’s when Ms 4 started playing with her new baby, Mika. This newly “adopted” baby is orient looking (the caucasian and black babies are also available at Ikea stores nationwide, in case anyone’s interested), and it can pass on as a baby boy or baby girl. I think they have a set of boys clothes at the shop, but Ms 4 picked the girls set, so a girl baby Mika is.

Baby Mika had three other clothes so Ms 4 can play and change baby’s clothes whenever she desires. One of the clothes was a rain jacket set; rain coat, hat and a pair of boots. Coincidentally, Ms 4 has also a rain jacket of the same color. A canary yellow. So this morning, because it was raining hard outside, Ms 4 dressed baby Mika in her rain coat. Of course. And soon after she took her own yellow rain coat and wore it. I was just watching the whole thing, it was quite fun, because she was not being quiet. Chattering and talking and sometimes giggled while playing with her new baby I just could not miss the opportunity for a photo shoot.

I was lucky because there were big windows on the wall that gave beautiful natural light once I opened all the blinds. It was raining, but still quite bright, which was perfect. The light was soft and just lovely. Quietly I positioned myself in front of her and once I had my camera set I called her out. And snapped! Then rapidly and quickly I continued taking more photos, I still lingered around her to get some nice candid ones of her playing, but after 15 minutes she shooed me away, ” go away, mama, enough photos!”

Later in the afternoon we went out, so Ms 4 and baby Mika had their chance of running and playing outside in the rain with their yellow canary rain coats. Too bad I had too many things on my hands I could not capture that in my camera.

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