Day 100 #Project365

100-365 tree

Lucky me! This tree is beautiful and standing just right in front of my friend’s front porch, making access easy all year round. It’s huge. And leafy. It’s been autumn for over a month but its leaves still green, that’s the only thing that was quite disappointing. I’ve taken a photo of this tree before where the leaves were still on the tree but the color has all changed to yellow. Still one of my favourite iPhone photos to date.

I don’t know why I love taking photos of trees. Might be all the contrasting elements about it. Look at the contrasting textures. The trunk of the tree, this tree in particular, is so rough, bold, and full of hard lines. The leaves have their own texture, a lot softer one but far from smooth. The green against the rough brown strike a winning combo making it nice to look at.

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