autumn colours in canberra

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It’s early autumn in Canberra and we are slowly gearing up towards winter. The temperature dropped by two degrees or ten (at nights), and light jackets have started to see the light of days again.

I was out walking and enjoying the sun while really savouring the changing colours around me. I love the colours of Canberra around this time of year. This early in autumn, all the leaves with changing colours are pretty much still hanging on tight to the trees. Add the sun and bright cloudless sky, it makes it a real treat just to take a stroll and see what’s around.

The photos in this post represent only a little snippet of autumn colours here. The change will get more dramatic in the coming months, which guarantees more beautiful colours on our trees. I almost forgot how much I love trees, I have to ditch the car and walk around more often!

This is my walking buddy, Bruno. Looking at his big smile to the camera, I’d say he enjoyed our walk as much as I did.

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