as far as my eyes can see



Canberra has enjoyed a superb spring to date. It was straight up warmer weather, clear sky, and plenty of sun from the moment the sun was rising on the 1st of September. Everywhere you looked you could see that everything seemed so much brighter, and you, the non-hay fever sufferers you, could happily inhale that fresh spring smell in the air. Some said it was a fake spring, because the weather was really too good to be true. It was as if someone switched off the winter button, and on came the warmth and all the beautiful colors.

These images were taken only last week at the National Arboretum. I have never driven around the area, and I thought I could probably capture some interesting colours of the trees with my new lens by going closer. No luck with colourful leaves, but I was amazed with the view. Depending on where you stand, some spots allow you to see really really far away. Especially in a clear day like that day, I think the view was just amazing. The whole spread of land was in front of me. There was a line of trees following the curvy landscape of the hill, then you could see the scattered dots of faraway trees as far as your eyes could see. The colours then changed into the shades of blue of the mountain range and the beautiful sky.



Today, what some of us have predicted came true. The cold wind was here again, and I heard the temperature is going to drop again in the weekend. I guess we have to wait until October to really enjoy the warmer days of spring in Canberra. In any case, it was an enjoyable two weeks of fake spring. I can’t wait for the real one to kick in.




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