Apple Pickers

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The end of the first week of school holiday in Canberra is here. I know some parents have started to run out of whatever tricks/treats they keep up their sleeves to entertain their kids. Our activity today could be a nice choice, if you live in Canberra. It was a nice day out, so a bunch of us headed out to an apple orchard close to the airport. The orchard was not too big, it’s a good size to spend up to an hour there to walk up and down their rows and rows of apple trees. The nice lady who greeted us gave us a quick brief on where to go, and armed us with a map with details of type of apples there. Some rows had apples that had been hanging for a long time, which meant they were good for cooking, baking and juicing. Other types were crunchy and good to eat right there and then.

For those who are interested, the place is called Tanbella Orchard, located in Pialligo (20A Beltana Rd). To come there is free, you only pay what you pick, which was $6/kilo. You could eat the apples while you picked, they were free. My kids always enjoy fruit picking. The only problem, in my case, was to stop them from picking too much. We could only eat so much apples, right..not to mention the bill later. The price per kilo was dearer than what you pay normally at supermarket/market, but the fun of twisting one single apple from its little branch, well, that you can’t do at the shops. And that was the extra bit that cost you. My kids’ total tally was 2.6 kilo, which came to $16, which was okay. Oh, they only accept cash, btw.

After we paid what we picked, our kids were given out free apple juice, freshly pressed, from the orchard.

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