Today was the last day of summer holiday. It was a really nice day, and we had all kind of fun in the pool. Finally. Yay! What a way to say goodbye to the holiday, eh?

I always have mixed feelings the day before the new term of school starts. This year was no exception. We had so much fun this summer. Yes there were days when I just felt like auctioning my two kids on eBay (starting at $0.99), but most days we got along fine and had so much fun together.

I enjoyed sitting next to my son for hours just chatting away while building Lego, or getting yelled at for not being able to make my character jump high enough on the Xbox games,  and laughing and screaming (sometimes exasperatedly) with my daughter while she was ‘helping’ me baking. Or just all of us together tried to making up rules to Uno.

We are definitely still going to do all of the above but might have to do it in limited time, with home work and daily activities started to fill our days ahead. I’m going to miss them when they are at school, but I know that soon I will also complain that there is not enough ‘me time’ for me. Well, here’s hope for a better balance in the year ahead, and for me not to lose my cool too soon.

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