Day 24 #Project365



This is the North side. Canberra is divided into the North and the South side (in my outmost simplistic way). It takes you 20 minutes to go anywhere in Canberra. Even if its not true that’s what people would tell you anyway.

I live closer to the South side so journey to the North side is infrequent, except for this week. Dropping off my dog to the kennel tomorrow will make it my 3rd time to the Northern part this week alone. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I need more time to ‘process’.

One thing I love though about the North side is the sky. This is apparently my opinion alone, because I’ve checked with many people and not one person agreed with me. I think the clouds always look so dramatic in the North skyline. The sky looks wider, more colorful and just more oomph(!).

I. Love. It.

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