Day 18 #Project365



To say that we are up to our neck in Lego bricks is such an understatement. We are practically swimming in the ocean of bricks at the moment.

My son is a huge Lego fan and is lucky enough to have a lot of them. As one of my good friends said it’s a dilemma; in one hand we want our kids to be creative and build new things from the set, but in the other we also want them to build the set and play with the set (at least for awhile) so we (the parents) can keep the house (floor and other surface) Lego-free.

The less they built the set, the more we are left with these Lego things that we need to come up with a solution to store them. And we are talking of boxes of boxes of things, some filled to the brim.

His birthday is next week, so, to anticipate the new surge of new Lego coming his way, I told him it’s probably a good idea to build more of the sets again and display/play with them, to create more space in his room. And that what’s we’ve been busy doing whenever we are home (the kids are still in summer holiday at the moment).

So, if for the next couple of days I have more Lego photos in my posts I hope you’d understand. Here is our first set (incomplete still), the Police Station.

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