Day 15 #Project365

Some days I thought, I got this; meaning I took a picture for that day and mentally blocked a time to upload it to my blog. Most days it worked like that, but other days I just took the picture and totally immersed in the craziness of the day that I almost forgot to upload. Today was the one of the ‘other’ days, with only 45 minutes to spare before the new day started.



This old timer, a beautiful Pontiac in the photo, I took when we were at the GoKarting place for Mr 7’s friend’s birthday party. I didn’t do the car justice with this photo, and I know nothing about cars, but I think there’s something really special about old cars. The curves, the size, the massive look of the body and usually never missed in old cars, the unnecessarily big and protruding hood ornament. What a classic!

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